Vancouver Club Wedding | Gaelle + Doug

Gaelle and Doug’s Stunning December Wedding at The Vancouver Club

Gaelle and Doug’s December wedding at The Vancouver Club was nothing short of regal, filled with unique touches that made it a celebration to remember. The highlight? Doug, a retired RCMP officer, and his wedding party donned the iconic red serge dress uniforms for the ceremony, creating a spectacle of honor and tradition.

As the ceremony unfolded, Doug stood proudly in his red serge, capturing the essence of his distinguished career. Gaelle, in a breathtaking long dress, complemented the formal and elegant atmosphere of the ceremony. The exchange of vows was not just a union of two hearts; it was a moment steeped in respect and commitment.

The reception was a delightful contrast, transforming into a lively affair as the couple changed into new outfits. Doug, ever the dapper groom, switched into a classic tuxedo for dinner and dancing. Gaelle, mirroring the celebratory mood, changed into a short cocktail dress that allowed her to move with ease on the dance floor.

The Vancouver Club, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, provided a warm and intimate backdrop for the winter celebration. The December evening was transformed into a dazzling spectacle of lights, casting a romantic glow over the couple and their guests.

The transition from the formality of the ceremony to the festive joy of the reception captured the essence of Gaelle and Doug’s love story. Their wedding was a delightful fusion of tradition and celebration, a union that embraced the richness of their individual journeys.

Gaelle and Doug’s December wedding at The Vancouver Club wasn’t just a marriage; it was a grand celebration of love, adorned with the warmth of holiday lights and the timeless elegance of red serge uniforms.


Photography | Whistler Steve | Tara Lilly Photography
Venue | Vancouver Club
Officiant | Canon Johnathon Lloyd

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