Olympic Village Wedding | Stavroula + Marco

Embarking on more than a decade of love: Stavroula and Marco’s Olympic Village Wedding

In the heart of Vancouver, against the backdrop of the city’s vibrant energy and rich traditions, Stavroula and Marco’s love story unfolded over a remarkable decade. Their journey, marked by shared laughter and unforgettable moments, finally reached a pinnacle – a wedding day that embodied joy, family, and the promise of a lifetime together.

Eleven years ago, Marco and Stavroula began their journey, and almost six years ago, Marco proposed in the enchanting glow of Las Vegas. Their love story, a tapestry of shared memories and challenges, led them to the doorstep of marriage. With nearly six years of engagement behind them, they eagerly anticipated the day that would signify the beginning of a new chapter.

For Stavroula and Marco, the vision for their wedding day was clear: a celebration free from stress, filled with boundless happiness. Their love, the cornerstone of the day, would shine through every moment. Rooted in Greek traditions and surrounded by family warmth, the couple envisioned a day that truly reflected their deep connection.

Emphasizing the importance of capturing pure joy, the couple highlighted the significance of moments shared between them and the cherished interactions with Stavroula’s grandparents. These moments became the focal points for their wedding photography, ensuring that each image would tell the beautiful story of their love and the presence of their beloved family.

Tuscany, with its exquisite blend of food and wine, held a special place in Stavroula and Marco’s hearts. It became their favorite travel destination, a testament to their shared love for culinary experiences and the enduring memories created in the heart of Italy.

The wedding day unfolded seamlessly, beginning with a sacred ceremony at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. The urban charm of Olympic Village provided a captivating backdrop for their wedding portraits, capturing the essence of their love against the city’s vibrant skyline. The celebration continued in the intimacy of Stavroula’s parents’ backyard, where traditional Greek fare, infused with the flavors of charcoal barbecues, added a delightful touch to the festivities.

Stavroula and Marco’s Olympic Village wedding was not merely an exchange of vows; it was a culmination of years of love and unwavering commitment. As each moment was captured through the lens, their wedding day became a timeless celebration of joy, family bonds, and the commencement of a new, exciting chapter in their remarkable journey together.

Photography | Whistler Steve | Tara Lilly Photography
Caterer | Olympia Kits
Planner | Adelaide Design
Ceremony | St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Florist | Wild Rose
Music | Yianni Sahamis
Hair and Make-up | Sukis Salon

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